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Products And Services Under The Umbrella Of COREX

COREX has been offering its reliable services in the premised of Melbourne. We have been into the business of plastic supplying material for a long period of time. Th aim of our company is to provide the quality material plastic at good prices. We have not specified any target market but we have been supplying to masses including industrial and commercial sector. The usage of plastic in our daily life is huge. We can’t survive without the presence of plastic material. We need to use them for many purposes.

Products and Services

We are not only providing the plastic material to the end users and companies but we have been into other services and products as well. Let’s have a look at the services under the name of COREX.

  • Sheet Products:

We have all kinds of plastic manufacturers sheets including the Solid sheet, CorFlute sheets and Fluteboards available. We have been making sheets for schools, colleges, homes, kitchens, industries, shops, gym etc. for a long period of time. We know the need and demands of the customers regarding the quality and usage.

  • Packaging:

Along with the plastic material, we are into the business of packaging. So, if you have a business of supplying food products and you need storage containers to keep the food fresh then we can make plastic containers for you. We have a huge variety of container available having all the sizes.

  • Printing:

We also do all kind of printing under the premises of COREX. So, if you have launched a new business and you have no idea where to start from and how to do all the packaging and printing things then you can leave everything on us. We just want to know about the needs and demand. We can do it for you at one place.

  • Shaping Processes:

The main hurdle in storage boxes and other plastic material is the shaping process. Even big companies fail to do the right shaping. We have experts who have an idea how to do their task effectively. So, if you have issues regarding the shaping process then you can easily contact us.

  • Thermal Processes:

Thermal processes also take place in COREX. So, if you want to get your material weld then you can take your products to us. We do all kinds of welding at good prices.

Moreover, we have display stands for sale. So, if you want to display your products in any supermarket to attract buyers then you can make it customised from us. We have so many options available for you. Call us and let us know your requirements.

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